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  1. 08
    Feb 2013

    Premier Guitar Editors' Picks

    During the NAMM Show, there were many visitors to Andrew White Guitar due to the unique designs in compare to other guitars. Most special news is the one of famous magazine Premier Guitar has NAMM 2013 Editors' Picks - Day 4 (http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2013/Feb/NAMM_2013_Editors_Picks_Day_4.aspx) Premier Guitar Editors' Picks is that during NAMM Show 2013' they check out most hot products or unique stuff. Premier Guitar has treat all type of music products, stars, compa...
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  2. 05
    Feb 2013

    2013' NAMM Show in Anaheim, California

    Andrew White Guitars had visited in Anaheim, California ! NAMM Show! Place: Anaheim Convention Center Date : 2013. 01. 24. ~ 2013. 01. 27. The NAMM Show was held in Anaheim Convention Center from 24th till 27th of Jan. an exhibition of many different kind instruments, such as acoustic& electric guitar, piano, synthesizer, percussion, wind, stringed and etc. Beside music books and instrumental computer hardware & software. Ther...
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  3. 26
    Oct 2012

    Andrew White Guitars visit Shanghai!

    Andrew White Guitars visit Shanghai! The music china Place: Shanghai New International Expo Center. Date : 2012. 10. 11. ~ 2012. 10. 14. * Andrew White Guitars booth * Andrew White Guitars Main entrance The Music China Shanghai Instrument Fair was held in Shinghai New International Expo Center from 11th til 14th of October. This year’s fair was much interesting in compared to the last year’s expo, because it was much eventful. The event included ...
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  4. 21
    Jun 2012

    Andrew White guitars are dedicated to 12 G-shin(=god) show.

    Andrew White guitars are handed in to 12 top rated guitarists and famous singers in 12G-shin show, Seoul Korea On June 10th 2012. This performance was 2nd held show since 1st tribute for Gary Moore was held in 2011. They have given musical spirit from guitar kids to manias as well as dedicated to develop guitar music and music industry. Nowadays K-Pop has been popular in world wide with dance music generally. This special guitar concert with 12 guitarists shows more soulful warm hearted music wit...
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  5. 21
    Jun 2012

    Greeting from Andrew White

    Welcome to Andrew White Guitars! And thank you for checking out our exciting new line of instruments that we have worked so hard to develop. I’m happy to share the news that the unique and custom guitar designs that I have developed over the last 12 years as an independent luthier are now available as an affordable high quality production model. I’m working with an amazing team of guitar producers to ensure high quality and great design in every single guitar In 1999 I began building guita...
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