Andrew White Guitars visit Shanghai!

by Admin on Oct 26, 2012


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Andrew White Guitars visit Shanghai! 

The music china 


Place: Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Date : 2012. 10. 11. ~ 2012. 10. 14.




                     * Andrew White Guitars booth



                        * Andrew White Guitars Main entrance



The Music China Shanghai Instrument Fair was held in Shinghai New International Expo Center from 11th til 14th of October.

This year’s fair was much interesting in compared to the last year’s expo, because it was much eventful. The event included


an exhibition of many different kind instruments, such as acoustic & electric guitar, piano, synthesizer, percussion, wind, stringed

and Chinese traditional instrument, beside music books and instrumental computer hardware & software.

The re also were performances by various artists with beautiful instrument.





During the exhibition, there were many visitors to Andrew White Guitar due to the unique designs in compare to other guitar

businesses in the exhibition. All of the visitors played all the instruments that are available, flashback the moment when they

were young. Many visitors quoted that Andrew White Guitars have luxury designs as well as romantic sound.


Craig D’ Andre and Ju Won Park played with Andrew White Guitars so well and people who visited the expo enjoyed

the music so much.




   Craig D’ Andrea who The Canada Guitar Festival Finger style champion had played guitar for Andrew White Guitar. During his

   performance, most audience was amazed by the sound the guitarist could create with the instrument. Most of the audiences

   were smiling while listening to his songs. 






  Ju Won Park who is one of the most famous Gypsy guitar players and he also played with the Andrew White Guitar.

   His fantastic performance made audiences stop walking and listening to amazing sound until the performance were ended.



As all the reasons above, the event ended so successfully.



7.jpg                                                                                                                                                    * Andrew White Guitars executives and Artists


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